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All you need to Know About Dubai Techno Park

Who wants to be technologically backwards in a fast running world, as Dubai is the most likeable place amongst foreign investors need to be technologically advanced too. Dubai comes with a special free zone which promotes technology in and all covering an overall area of approximately 21 million square meters of land, runs with a motive of development of Emirati and the foreign investors, it is a hub of technology also known as National Industrial Park.

Dubai Techno Park Freezone comes with an appealing infrastructure covered with big Multi-National Companies dealing in Oil, Pharmaceutical and other kinds of industries, the tech park Freezone is centrally located between free zones of  Al Maktoum International Airport and Jebel Ali seaport.

What kind of Companies can be Set-up in Dubai Tech Park?

The perks of setting up a business in technopark are that you get to choose between different available forms of the company :

                   Types of Companies


  1. Limited Liability Company
  • Shareholders Can be 2-50
  • Share Capital AED 300,000
  • Local Sponsor should have 51% shares


  1. Sole Propertiorship Company
  • Owned by an individual
  • The owner must be from Gulf Corporation National
  1. Civil Company
  • Formed as a civil partnership
  • Professional companies 100% ownership
  1. Branch Company

       Different kind of Branch Company can be

       Set-up :

  • Branch of a Free Zone Company 
  • Branch of a Foreign Company
  • Branch of a GCC Company
  • Branch of Offshore Company
  • Branch of an Onshore Company 
  • Branch of Limited Liability Company       

What Are the Different Kinds of Licenses Available in Techno Park Freezone?

To run a business, the first and foremost thing needed is licensing, and Dubai Techno Park Freezone offers various kinds of license :

  • Trading License - A trading license is needed when you are going to deal on business activities which deal on storage or import/export activities.
  • Professional License -  A Professional license is needed when you are going to deal on professional and specialized areas.
  • Industrial Licence - An Industrial license is needed when you are going to deal on technology or assembling activities.

What Other Activities Are Permitted in Dubai Techno Park Freezone?

The tech park Freezone permits other activities too apart from commercial activities, which are :

  • Life Science
  • Socio-Economic
  • Industrial Development
  • Information and Communication Technologies

What Are the Benefits to Set-up a Business in Dubai Techno Park Freezone?

There is an add on advantage if you are planning to set up a business in Technopark of Dubai which are :

  • A complete ownership
  • No restriction on currency exchanges
  • Tax-Free Zone 
  • Great Infrastructure

And there are other advantages too of setting up a business in Techno Park Free Zone of Dubai.

How to Set-up a Business in Dubai Techno Park Freezone?

It’s easy to go six simple steps in which you can set up your business in Techno Park Freezone,

  1. Selection of a Business Plan

The first thing is deciding what kind of business you want to set up, proper planning needs to make before acquiring any business and at business set up worldwide, we can advise you the best.

  1. Legal Entity for business set up

After a business plan is made, you get to decide on what entity you want to choose for and register it similarly with the said up capital required.

  1. Name for your entity

A name for your business makes it unique and the name should not violate certain regulation which is held up by the Dubai authorities.

  1. Business License

After all the above-mentioned things are done, the authority needs to apply for a license and there are different types of license is issued by the Dubai TechnoPark Freezone.

  1. Lease or Own a place for your business

A place is needed to run an entity, the technopark offers a different set of option where you can choose what kind of a place will help your business to flourish.

  1. Submission of Documents

A set of documents needs to be submitted and the payment needs to be made, to process the license procedures.

 Want to Get It Done?

So, if you are the one who has a zeal toward technology there is no better place than Dubai Technopark with an upcoming event of Dubai Expo 2020 in which the whole world is keeping eye on, at Business Setup Worldwide we will help you to get it done from the scratch. For any queries contact us.

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