Company Registration in Greece

Why Register a Company in Greece?

  • Greece is conveniently located at the junction of Europe, Africa and Asia, making it easily accessible from numerous countries.
  • The motorways and waterways of Greece are highly developed, facilitating trade and transport.
  • Greece is a member of the European Union (EU), and thereby enjoys the same trade benefits as the other EU nations do. As the largest economy in the Balkans, it has free trade agreements with all the Balkan nations.
  • Despite suffering from an economic meltdown in 2008-09, Greece welcomes investors – who can purchase existing Greek companies below their book value. Also, there is no restriction on foreign investment in Greece.

How to Register a Company in Greece

A company in Greece can be registered by following these steps:

1. Business Name Registration

Decide upon a name for your company, and check its availability at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry to get an evidence of name uniqueness issued.

2. Company Document Filing

File the company documents with the Athens Bar Association, and get the Articles of Association (AOA) signed with a public notary as a witness.

3. Share Capital Deposit

Deposit the minimum share capital, depending upon the business structure of your company, in a bank account.

4. Document Submission

Submit the company documents to the secretariat of the court of first instance, to get a registration number. Deliver a summary of the Articles of Association (AOA) to the National Printing Office, for it to be published in the Greek National Gazette.

5. Company Seal

Get a company seal designed for the purpose of attesting company records and accounts.

6. Employee Hiring

Notify the Manpower Employment Organization within 8 days of hiring your first employee, via e-mail or phone.

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